Where is Santa?

This year is really the first year that Jordyn has been able to observe enough of the holiday cheer to know that there is a man named Santa Claus and he wears a red suit and has a white beard. She doesn’t ask for him, doesn’t know much about him and it really works in our favor. I want the holidays to be so much more than shopping, wrapping paper, red ribbon, and gifts.

What I love the most about the holidays is the feeling it brings. It’s the music, the decor, the spirit of giving, the extra family time. I hope that Jordyn loves the holidays for those reason too. Even as an adult I still like to believe that Santa is spreading his message of Joy. And  I’m not talking about an actual man who rides in a sleigh and visits every Christmas Eve.  I am talking about the magic of Santa, the magic of the holidays.

Now this would be the perfect age to introduce Santa to Jordyn. I could tell her that there is a man she’s never met that  watches her while she sleeps and makes sure she is a “good little girl” whose  name can either be put on the naughty or nice list depending on her actions. or I can leave all of that out and simply let her make up her own mind about it all.

I want Christmas to be so much more than receiving presents, she has already picked out, bought, and donated toys this season. She will be going through her own pile of toys and giving them new homes. As her parents we don’t buy her more than 1 or 2 gifts for the holiday. I want her to know how blessed she is and how not everyone is as fortunate. I want her to have empathy, compassion, kindness and to always think of others not only during the season but always.

I hope everyone’s holiday is filled with joy, love, and  laughter.


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