5 Things I Learned From My Toddler!

imageThree is such an interesting age… it’s like I  have a toddler but with a touch of baby still! I mean Jordyn will use the potty but still needs me to wipe her butt clean, she’ll put her clothes on by herself but then runs to tell me she put her shirt on wrong and needs help, or she’ll get mad when I mention the word “nap” but 2 minutes later she’ll crawl into my lap and say she is tired and wants to sleep! This age does  brings so many laughs and new knowledge though! I’ve made a list of all of the things my toddler has taught me this week!

  1. Worms- they need blankets because… well it gets cold! If Jordyn has to wear a sweater than the worms need blankets.
  2. Silly putty- if you eat it you turn into a cat! Not just any cat but a purple cat, so don’t eat the putty!
  3. Tea parties- I am suppose to send out invitation to all her friends and schedule a tea party for midnight next week! I mean is a tea party really a tea party if it’s not at midnight?!
  4. Birds- they need to learn how to use the potty because my toddler is getting tired of having to walk around the poop that falls from the sky.
  5. Parks- it’s totally acceptable to demand you go to the park just to see if there are kids there, when there isn’t you can just turn back around!

This 4th year of life for Jordyn has brought so many laughs, tears, smiles, frustrations, and hair pulling moments! With time comes more knowledge, more self discovery, a stronger sense of who you are! Jordyn is living all of those moments right now, and it’s such a blessing to stand back and experience it with her.

Until next time -b

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