Top 8 Favorites

I was at a store recently when I passed by two people who were in the middle of completing their baby registry! They had their scanner in one hand and a piece of paper, which had a 2 page list of suggested items that parents might need for their unborn child, in the other. I remember when I was doing our registry I thought to myself,”Do I really need all this stuff?”. If I had known then what I know now I could have answered my own question, NO YOU DON’T! You live and you learn, right? I do however have a list of my favorite things! Items that will definitely be purchased or used again if we do/can have another child! Click on the bold blue text to be directed to each item’s website!

  1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket– They are our favorite and most used blankets. They are light weight, generous in size, snuggly soft, and come in so many cute prints and patterns. We were first introduced to them when we were walking through Target and noticed they had an Aden and Anais for Target line. We are so thankful we received them as a gift at our baby shower, it was really the start of my mild (okay, maybe not mild) obsession with these blankets. Aside from being used as a swaddling blanket, we have used them as a quick car seat cover, a nursing cover, an on the go blanket when it was too warm for a thicker blanket but too cold to leave empty handed, and even a scarf for mom! I appreciate how resourceful these swaddles are.  If  you can splurge for their boutique line, I say go for it, you don’t regret it!
  2. 4moms Mamaroo Seat– I remember the first time I saw this product, I had just learned I was pregnant and I was watching Ellen’s Mother’s Day episode and she had given her audience this seat! I was watching with my mom and we both turned to each other and knew I needed this seat! What I love the most about it is it’s footprint. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and is easy on the eyes with its modern and sophisticated look. Because it can be plugged into the outlet it doesn’t need batteries. While it does come with standard soothing music it also comes with an aux cord so you can plug your phone in to play the music of your choice!
  3. Baby ComfyNose Nasal Aspirator– Okay, I know what your thinking,” YOU DO WHAT WITH IT???”. Yes, with this device you use your own suction to remove your child’s mucus. I was hesitant at first but once I used it I was amazed at how efficient it was. When shopping around I came across a similar product but was turned off at the idea that I needed to purchase a pack of filters once I was done with the ones provided. What I appreciated about this product was that all I needed was a tissue. It is such an easy and simple replacement for the blue bulbs they send you home with from the hospital.
  4. California Baby– This product has given us a sense of relief in regards to Jordyn’s sensitive skin! Most of the flare ups Jordyn has now are due to weather change! It is comforting to know we can trust this product and it’s ingredients. They are a bit pricier compared to your average shampoo+body wash but I have found I don’t use nearly as much in one bath sitting, so one bottle lasts us a long while. I love that the bigger bottles come with a pump(talk about convenient), and how they have such a great selection of products.
  5. Babyganics Diapers– Because a diaper raffle was played at our baby shower we received an enormous amount of diapers in a variety of brands! It was great because it allowed us to figure out what worked best for us. One brand didn’t last through the night, while another brand looked like it was done just after 10 minutes of being used. This diaper was the brand we decided on once we were done with the diapers that were given to us. I loved the snug fit, and how absorbent they were during the night. This is now my go-to diaper gift when I go to baby showers. Great customer service as well, always willing to make right with an unsatisfied customer.
  6. Bumble Collection All-In-One– I will say that this item was introduced to me just recently and I was lucky enough to win it when I entered in a social media giveaway. This bag as been so useful. So many pockets in so many useful places, a roomy interior, and can be worn in 3 different ways. The backpack straps allow me to wear it while I wear Jordyn in the front and the top handles allow me to hold it on my arm while I wear Jordyn on my back!! My favorite bag so far, and trust me I’ve tried many!
  7. Beco Baby Carrier– This company has my heart, I almost never leave the house without my BecoToddler carrier! I wish I had known about Beco when Jordyn was born because she would have fit perfect in a Beco Gemini! We didn’t discover Beco until we attended our first Mommycon! We purchased a Beco Soliel and it was love every since! I like to view babywearing like I view a pair of jeans, what is comfortable for one might not be comfortable for another. That being said I would suggest finding a local babywearing group that can help you find your favorite and most comfortable carrier! I found mine by such searching my county or city name on facebook and include the word babywearing.
  8. Mommycon– While Mommycon itself isn’t a product, I couldn’t do a list of my favorite things without including my favorite event. I love being able to connect with local parents, learn about new companies and products, attend seminars, and just have fun! In September I will be giving away two tickets, so with MommyCon coming to San Jose in October, this will be a great opportunity to check it out. Keep a look out soon! If you can’t wait and want to purchase now, use MAZES16 to save $5 on your general admission ticket!

These are some of my favorite products, and go to baby shower gifts. What are some of yours?






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