Toddlers and Books

Toddler Time at our local library has become a weekly favorite for Jordyn and I! We look forward to the time we get to spend reading, singing, and crafting. Once Toddler Time is over we usually find ourselves wondering over to the “kid” section of the library. I never realized how overwhelming something like that could be, not for Jordyn but for myself. SO MANY BOOKS! I spend way too much time with my right ear to my shoulder, trying to find a book that sounds appealing. Meanwhile Jordyn has collected about 10 random books from all different shelves and pilled them onto a table. Just two weeks ago I was looking through the books that Jordyn had chosen and I found one that caught my eye,  “Please, Open This Book!”. We could not get enough of it, we loved the way it engaged Jordyn in the story and kept her wanting to turn the next page to see what happened next. Isn’t that what we are all looking for when we pick up a new book? We left the library that day a little more joyful than when we went in, because of that book. The following week Jordyn ran straight to the section where that book sat and was so happy to sit down and read it again. I think part of the reason she loves the library so much is because she appreciates the quietness. Life can get so busy and sometimes a little loud when we are constantly here and there, that a place like the library can be her place of calmness and peace.IMG_1726

I have been telling myself for weeks that I need to update the book collection we have at home for Jordyn. Most of the books she has just aren’t doing it anymore, so she isn’t excited to read some of them. I am hoping that as we continue to go to the library Jordyn will pick out more books that she loves. So for those of you who love to read to children, what do you look for in a children’s book? Short and to the point? Include a life lesson? Easy to read through? Comment below with some of your favorite children’s books and if you haven’t already read Jordyn’s new favorite book “Please, Open This Book!”, I say check it out. It’s so cute you’ll want to read it again and again!



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