DIY Doll Carrier

The other day Jordyn had requested that we get her a baby carrier for her doll. I searched the internet and didn’t really love the colors or look of the store bought ones so I decided to make her one with left over fabric I had in the closest. I sewed this one but while I was going through it I realized this can totally be done with a simple hot glue gun.

What you will need:

-Fabric (any will do since this is for a doll)


Optional-Hot glue gun



Start off by cutting out the body of the carrier. I cut 12 inches width and 14 inches in length(2 pieces). This can be changed depending on your child’s size. Then cut the straps out. You will be three total (1 waist strap and 2 upper straps). I cut the straps 7 inches(once folded it will be 3 inches ) in width and 42 inches in length, again that can be adjusted depending on your child’s size.

If your fabric has a back side you will want to have those facing out for this next part. Sew the bottom and about 7 inches or so on the sides, you will want to leave the rest of the sides open for the straps to go in. Once you have closed the edges, turn the carrier right side out so that it almost resembles a pillow case.


Once that is done set it aside and start on the straps. If your fabric has a back side you will want to have it facing out. Sew along the edge and then turn it right side out. Tuck the edges of the ends inside and sew them closed. For the cleaner look you can sew along the edges all around. dollcarrier7


Now that the straps and body are all hemmed we can start to assemble the doll carrier. Grab your waist straps, line up the bottom edges to each other and center the strap to the carrier so that there is the same amount of length on each end. Pin to secure. Grab the bottom corners of the body and fold them inward about 2-3 inches. Pin to secure and sew the top length and the bottom length of the strap.


Now for the upper straps. Lay about 5 inches of the strap in between the two layers of the body (the section we didn’t sew shut). Similar to the step before you will want to fold in the corners, this time you want to fold it inside so that it isn’t visible. Pin to Secure and sew along the strap to create a 4 sided shape with an X in the middle to secure it.

Note: If using hot glue, you can do the same step except the X on the inside and press to secure.


Repeat the other side. Once that is complete just fold in the edges on top and sew along the edge. You have now completed a doll carrier.

We are both in love with the outcome of this project and I had so much fun making it I might just be on my way to building her baby wearing stash. I think this might be the start of something.

**This DIY is intended for the use of carrying a doll or toy ONLY and should not be altered to accommodate an infant. **


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