DIY Halloween Themed Silly Putty

I was thinking of a fun and simple project to do with Jordyn for Halloween! I wanted something that we could do together and really let her take charge. This project was so fun for her, she loved measuring, mixing, and watching the putty form. I hope you all have as much fun making this as we did.


Let’s us start with materials

All of the items I used can be found at Target.

-a small clear jar with a lid.

-White school glue

-Borax(in the laundry section)

-Red and Yellow Food Coloring

-Black Permanent Marker


-Mixing bowl + 1 small bowl

Start by mixing a quarter cup of glue together with a quarter cup of water. Once you are done mixing start adding in your drops of food coloring. I started with red and was slow to add in the yellow. Once you have reached your desired orange shade, set the bowl aside.


In the smaller bowl mix in 1 Tablespoon Borax with 2 Tablespoon water. The detergent will not dissolve into the water, most of it will sit at the bottom. No worries!

Next, you will want to spoon the detergent mixture into your glue mixture, but little by little. When pouring the detergent mixture make sure to only spoon the liquid and not the crystals(I learned this from experience). Make sure to mix well after each little spoonful to make sure you don’t add too much. Once it’s formed and no longer sticking to your hand then you are done.

Next, you will want to place your silly putty into your jar. Once inside and covered you will draw on the pumpkin lantern face onto the jar. AND YOU ARE DONE!!! Jordyn has learned that when playing with it, she has to be slow in spreading it or it breaks. Not sure if this is just the nature of the putty or error on our part but it’s fun regardless. Enjoy!




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