How I Found My Support Bubble and Why It’s So Important!


The one thing people can forget about parenthood is how isolating it can feel at times. As an adult there were only so many times I could have conversations with someone who’s only response was a long blank stare or the face that said, “I’m currently leaving a nice big surprise for you in my diaper!”. After a while of feeling like I had no one on my side to simply say “You Got This”, I started to build my support bubble. At first my support bubble was filled with like minded mamas on the internet. It became a place where I could express how tired I was, or how rough my day was doing without unnecessary advice or judgment. It wasn’t until I attended my first Mommycon that my support bubble grew from just moms on the internet to moms in real life. A place were I knew almost nobody but still felt so supported. My only regret was that I didn’t build my bubble sooner!

I was having a blast at our first MommyCon, Jordyn on the other hand! P.S it was past nap time!


I had spent most of my pregnancy focusing on scare after scare, on top of worry after worry… there I was growing a human being inside of me and I was feeling so alone. I always wonder how my pregnancy experience would have changed had I had someone in my corner to lend encouraging words, or someone to reassure me that things would be okay.

At first I looked for support on a popular online pregnancy site that would have different groups depending on your due date month. The support was there… kind of, the support came with a lot of judgement. I then turned to social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook. I started to follow those who inspired me and understood what it meant to love motherhood so much but still feel guilt, exhaustion, and frustration. It was through that journey that I found Mommycon. I was fortunate enough to team up with our favorite cloth diaper brand and attend my first event. The energy there was incredible, I knew it was what I needed. I left that event ready for the next one. The support, the kindness, and the knowledge, it all was  amazing.

My husband was able to make the event last year! It was so cute watching them hang around the event!



While every Mommycon is different, I have walked away from each one feeling more confident and inspired. From the session I attended where I learned how important it was to have a great relationship with your child’s doctor, to the one where I was able to work through the emotions I had been holding onto as a result of a traumatic birthing experience.

Parenthood is hard enough without the feelings of loneliness and judgment. It never hurts to have someone in your corner who can give you a thumbs up when you most need it. That is what my bubble has been for me. It’s free of judgment and negativity. It’s my safe place.

I am so thankful that I can include Mommycon in my safe place. Whether you need support in babywearing, cloth diapering, birthing options, or other aspects of parenting, this is a great place to start. Not only are these events filled with a great variety of sessions, they have amazing vendors and the last Mommycon location this year (San Jose, Ca 10/29) is even having a babywearing/family halloween costume contest. HOW FUN!

Check out the event this month and save $5 on your ticket by using MAZES16!

P.S. Remember to join the San Jose Mommycon Facebook group to chat about the upcoming event and recieve updates. Click This Link For The Group






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