December is Almost Here and I Don’t Know How I Feel About It!

Last day of November, y’all… I can’t believe it. Tomorrow is the first day of December and for most, you probably already have your Christmas tree up and your list of presents checked off, but for me it is the complete opposite. And I think I am okay with that. I have been in constant communication with my husband about finding and putting up our tree, but inside I am telling myself, “Can we get away with not putting up a tree?”. Such a horrible thought to have right? I mean how much of a cruel parent would I be if I didn’t put up a single Christmas decoration? Years before I would be the person singing holiday music in July, counting down the months and days till Santa makes his way into our local shopping centers, and planning out everyone’s gift. The closest I have gotten to anything holiday related this year is watching Christmas Hallmark Channel movies, because let us be honest… who can resist those.

I should be cherishing these moments with my daughter, starting our own traditions, and showing her just how much I love this time of year. Hoping she falls in love with the magic that is Christmas and  how enjoyable it is to sit down and wrap a gift that you hand picked for someone special. There has always been so much about this time of year that excited me before. From the holiday music that would play throughout the mall to the box of gingerbread family cookies at Target. I would wait ALL year for those moments. So far I have one single Christmas item in my home and it is currently roaming around the bedroom floor.

My one Christmas item that cost me $1.00

Maybe my lack of excitement has to do with my decision to not do the whole “Santa” thing…

Maybe it is because I don’t even know if I am making the right decision.

I have to snap out of this odd place though. I have about 3 weeks to shape up and get into the holiday spirit!  I have 3 weeks to get all my decor up, play Christmas music every chance I can get, and watch as many Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as I can. If time is in my favor maybe I will even put a random family photo of us on a holiday card and send them out. That last one is a stretch but I had to add it to the list.

Is anyone else struggling to get into the holiday spirit this year? And for those who have decided to not introduce Santa to your children, how did you come to that decision?

One last thing I will be putting together a post on simple gift ideas for kids this holiday! Hopefully within the next week so look out for that!

Thank you for reading. Until next time





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